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Best Cycling shorts for men and how to choose it

Best cycling shorts for men

Learn everything about the best cycling shorts for men.

As you may already know, there is a whole kit for cycling athletes, such as the culottes, jerseys, helmets, gloves, and more, but shorts are an important issue because they cover a very delicate area of your body which is in constant friction with the saddle. Therefore, you should not skimp on choosing the best for shorts because it will be essential for your comfort and health of your skin. There is everything you need to know about any important aspect to consider before the purchase of cycling shorts.

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Looking for the right design: Bib or regular shorts?

Bib shorts are very common in cycling kits; nevertheless, you should consider many things before wearing them. Bib shorts have suspenders and extend over the cyclist's abdomen and are more comfortable since the elastic waist does not fit when flexed to the front.

The main difference between them is bib shorts allow you not to wear elastic rubber at the waist, avoiding chafing and uncomfortable stings. On the other hand, regular shorts if they wear an elastic waistband. So it is a matter of personal preferences and the type of cycling you practice.

What cycling discipline do you practice?

This is also important to choose a good pair of cycling shots. Then, If you are only an urban
cyclist who walks through the city, you should have some little pants with pockets and

On the other hand, if you are a BMX cyclist, the most extreme variety of cycling, you need
a short that protects you more than lycra and with which you feel comfortable such baggy
pants, with adjustable elastic waistband. Bibs cannot offer comfort because this type of
shorts restricts movement and don’t bring the flexibility that you need in that type of

Choosing the right fabric for your men cycling shorts

The cycling shorts can be thick or thin, pure and shiny or textured and made of wool, lycra, spandex and a variety of other absorption materials. Always think about what conditions will be used mostly. So you should think about the weather if it will be warm and dry, hot and humid, sticky, cold. Wool generally serves all types of climates.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of fabrics with very good perspiration and quick-drying thanks to its fibers for moisture evacuation. They also have antibacterial properties to prevent bad odors and even ultraviolet protection.

Look at the size, length, and seams of the men cycling shorts

It may seem small things but they make the big difference in your cycling performance.
First, the length of them must reach up to the knees for traditional cyclists. However, shorts with a sparse crotch are preferred by spinning practitioners, as are ironman triathletes.

Furthermore, cycling shorts and must be tight. This is because, in addition to a thermal and protective function, the shorts must also exert some compression on the legs to facilitate the recovery of muscle tissues and the activation of blood circulation. Besides, it is important to look at the areas where the seams are located and how they are because if they are not well finished they can cause friction and injury.

You must also get the size right because the shorts must adapt perfectly to your
physiognomy so as not to cause discomfort and correctly fulfill its function.

Do not neglect your cycling shorts padding

The most important element of cycling shorts is cushioning. Previously, suede was used which required special care but now this part is made of synthetic materials that offer a much better cushioning and sweat absorption thus avoiding infections in that region.

Then, it has to adapt to your physiognomy, which does not exceed long, wide, or thick. It has to cover the iliac bones and the perianal area. Besides, you also must attend its use because, in triathlete shorts, the filler you are looking for is as thin as possible to allow you to swim and run comfortably.

Something very important to remember is that you should avoid wearing unisex shorts because the pad length changes depending on whether it is a man or a woman who will use it.

Take care of the adjustment rubber and forget the underwear

It seems a trifle, but these are the details that make the difference when experiencing comfort in your cycling performance. These elastic straps keep the shorts up. It is recommended that they be silicone to prevent them from oppressing the skin and causing a cut in the circulation.

Moreover, remember that these shorts are designed to be worn without underwear. Do not make the mistake of using it; it will affect the performance of your cycling kit. Maybe at first, you can feel a little bit naked but later you are going to feel just alright.

Remember weather and visibility in your men cycling short

If you are going to pedal in icy climates, you should protect yourself, so you can consider wearing cycling clothes with the extra-long leg. As you already know, maintaining your body temperature is important when
you practice any sport, so you should protect your legs with more cloth if you are going to be in cold climates.

On the other hand, being seen is also important when you are cycling. The color of the shorts affects visibility. Showy or fluorescent colors are recommended if you are cycling on the road so that the rest of the vehicles will see you better.

Besides, it is essential that you can try shorts. Not only do you put it on the fitting rooms to see how it feels, but try it on a bicycle to check the feeling on the saddle. That is where you appreciate if you've bought the right size, if it's comfortable and if it fulfills its function.

To sum up, for all the aspects to consider before getting the best cycling shorts for men, we recommend taking a look at Lubi Cycling Kits because you can find quality that you need to improve your performance. Whether for recreation, transportation or sports, do not forget to pay attention to these tips so you can make a good investment in your next cycling shorts!

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