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Best Cycling Kits for Men

best cycling kits for men

How to choose the best cycling kits

If you are committed to the sport of pedaling and you are a man, probably you will learn a few things to consider for getting the best cycling kits for men on the next lines. In this sense, maybe you have thought that the most important thing when it comes to cycling is your bike; nonetheless, having the right clothes it is equally important. There are many items which make up the cycling kits, so you need to know what each one is and what its function is from head to toe.  


Choosing the perfect jersey

The jersey or maillot is the cyclist shirt. It must allow a soft touch, guarantying proper adjustment to the skin and preventing snagging with any part of the bicycle. Besides, it should adapt to your body when you are riding because the cycling jersey has been designed to give you comfort, freedom of movement, avoid wind resistance, keep you cool and covered and at the same time feel comfortable and dry. In this matter, you should be careful in the fabrics. The most used fabrics are synthetic and wool. Synthetics ones are cheaper and they will protect you from the cold wind, will not overheat your body and absorb moisture from your skin. Wool is more expensive, however, it offers natural UV protection and, due to the antibacterial lanolin that occurs naturally in this fiber, it will not emit unpleasant odors.  Moreover, you need to know the jersey cut. The race cut is tight to the body and is used by cyclists looking for greater body fit and aerodynamics. (Find our selection of aero cycling jerseys here)

The club race is more baggy, fresh and comfortable. You also must know the special features like the sleeves because there are short ones and long ones. Remember also look at the zipper. It must be of high quality.  

Buying the perfect cycling shorts 

The first thing to know is there are regular shorts and bib shorts. Bib shorts have a kind of strap that guarantees a total adjustment with the body and they are the most used for athletes.
These shorts are also known as culotte and they must end above the knee and be fitted to the body, made of spandex or smooth material that allows gentle rubbing, ensures proper adjustment to the skin and avoid continuous snagging with the saddle; It must be provided with a pad in synthetic, anti-allergic, breathable, antibacterial, ergonomic, very soft and padded material to provide comfort. It also has a pad in the contact area with the saddle that increases comfort.  

Having the right shoes on the pedal 

This is a very important item because your feet are the main tool for cycling. The cycling shoe has a rigid sole and clip system that allows the pedal to be engaged; they must not have laces, instead, they must be provided with an easy mooring system such as easy-fitting mechanical plates.  Besides, the back of the shoes must be below the ankle; they are used with insoles that soften the contact of the foot with the rigid sole, which facilitates the transmission of all the force that the lower limbs print. 

Take care of your eyes with the right glasses 

It is also very important to protect your eyes when you are on the road, so your glasses must be large enough to cover dust and breeze in rapid descents, with anti-fog lenses of a different color, as needed. There are models with interchangeable lenses. Neutral for conditions of very low light, such as night walks, yellow to increase the contrast on cloudy days and polarized for days of intense sun. They also protect your eyes from the impacts of dust, stones, and insects. In winter, glasses are very useful to protect your eyes from the cold wind. In very low temperature or downhill conditions, closed models are used to provide extra protection.

Gloves because your hands need them 

Your hands are important enough to protect because they make the grip with the handle and controls of the bicycle. They are used of trimmed fingers, in spandex the upper part and leather or synthetic material cushioned in the inferior.They are usually padded and sweat absorbent. The summer ones are mittens, exposing the fingers, while the winter ones are complete, hot and waterproof. 

Socks matter too 

Having the right socks is also relevant because it is essential to avoid friction and blisters. They must be short and reach the ankle, with reinforced toes, in thin and elastic fabrics that do not obstruct the blood circulation Synthetic fibers are the best because they are very absorbent, do not accumulate sweat and keep your feet dry, which helps keep feet warm. 

Shop our Aero cycling socks here

As you see, choosing the right cycling men kit is important to keep your body safe from injuries, being comfortable and having a better performance. So you need to aim to quality and Lubi Cycling offers many beautiful and elegant kits, such as Ventoux Pro Team Kit which is created for racing and training in hot weather conditions and it is at the leading edge of cycling clothing. Breathable, aero and tight-fitting, this kit is built for performance and comfort.

Finally, do not neglect your cycling clothes; just remember what Honoré de Balzac once said: The brute covers up, the rich and the foolish adorn themselves, the elegant dresses up.

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