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Best cycling Jerseys in 2020 - Reviewed and tested

Best cycling jerseys 2019

Best cycling jerseys in 2020

5 of the best cycling jerseys in 2020 to beat the summer heat from Lubi Cycling

The best cycling jerseys for the summer use lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep the sweat away during your long summer rides.

The modern cycling jersey is designed to be tight-fitting while keeping you cool, dry and stylish above everything else.

best cycling jerseys

While you can wear any casual t-shirt to ride your bike, you will soon realize that a proper cycling jersey is mandatory if you do not want to drown in your own sweat or look like a parachute taking off.

Buying a cycling jersey: how to choose it 

Choose the right fabric:

The aim of the a technical cycling jersey is to keep your body away from the heat/cold while giving. Your cycling jersey of choice will not be the same if you live in rainy London or sunny Mallorca. Cycling jerseys manufacturers usually provides information regarding which fabric they use in their cycling jerseys and for which weather the jersey is ideal. 

Sun protection:

You have probably seen these new aero see-through jerseys around with very lightweight fabric, despite being super light, aero and perfect for performance, they tend to not provide any UV protection. Therefore these are not suitable for long sunny ride, you should look for a cycling jersey designed with a fabric that provides decent UV protection if you plan to ride 4-5 hours in the summer. You can find SPF and UPF ratings for jerseys on most cycling jerseys website. Note that if you choose to go for lightweight, aero jerseys, you should select one that protects your back and shoulders which are the areas the most exposed when you're cycling.

Aero cycling jersey 2019

Aero is everything:

Looking at the jersey back from the Eddy Merckx's days, you can see that the style and fit of cycling jerseys has changed dramatically to become aas tight and fitting as possible. Depite aero being everything, you should choose a bike jerseys that fits you well while being comfortable. Choosing the right size is the most important and you can find size charts for most jerseys sold online.

Our 5 best cycling jerseys for the Summer

1. Cycling Jersey Pro Team Mortirolo

Cycling jersey pro team Mortirolo

This Pro team cycling jersey is named after the infamous Mortirolo pass in Italy made famous during the Giro of Italy, which is one of the most demanding climb in the world. 

This jersey is a high-performance jersey made of lightweight fabric and is suitable for racing in summer. Tight-fitting, aero and super breathable this cycling jersey is perfect for any climber.

In summary, the Mortirolo is our favorite cycling jersey in 2020.

Click here to buy it: Pro Team Mortirolo Jersey

2. Classic Pro Team Jersey from Lubi Cycling

Classic Pro Team Cycling Jersey

The classic pro team jersey is designed for everyday riding, with its aero design and UV protection it will be the perfect  men cycling jerseys for long summer rides. The core of the jersey is made of spandex, while the arms are made of a lighter and more breathable fabric.

Now in promotion if you bundle it with the aero core bib shorts:

Classic pro team cycling jersey

3. San Remo Pro Team Jersey

Cycling Jersey Pro Team San remo

The San Remo Pro team jersey is a performance jersey made an aero mesh that will keep you fresh during your rides. It is a race-ready jersey for comfort-conscious cyclists. If you are looking for a lightweight jersey for the hottest summer days, the San Remo jersey is made for you

Click here to buy it:  Cycling Jersey San Remo Pro Team

4. Giro Pro Team Jersey

Giro Pro Team jersey

Inspired by the Maglia Rosa from the Giro d'Italia, the Giro Pro team jersey is simply beautiful with its red/yellow color gradients. This stylish cycling jersey is designed for pure performance and will look great while riding a fancy Pinarello.

Buy the Giro Pro team cycling jersey

 5. Classic Pro Team Jersey - Orange

Classic Pro Team Jersey - Orange

This cycling jersey is slightly set aside from your casual jersey, the classic pro team orange was designed for criterium racing, with flashy design and super tight-fitting fabric, this jersey is for any cyclist who wants to go fast and be seen.

Buy the classic pro team Jersey



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