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Road cycling jerseys - how to choose it

Road cycling jerseys


The right cycling jersey will make your experience on the bike more enjoyable. Functionality, comfort, and durability are aspects that you must take into account when buying a sports item.  In this sense, for cycling, you should avoid loose clothing and taking good care of your body from head to feet, with helmet, sweater, gloves, socks, shoes, and glasses. Specifically, choosing the right jersey is quite important for your comfort and sports performance.  

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What is the importance of the cycling jersey? 

As you may already know, the cycling jersey is a t-shirt made of thin and elastic fabric that fits the body and that can sometimes be one piece with shorts. It is a key piece to pedal more efficiently and comfortably. Besides, this jersey (or also known as maillot) allows a smooth rubbing, guarantees the adequate fit to the skin and avoids hooks with any part of the bicycle and even with other cyclists, when you pedal in a peloton. Moreover, if you want to improve your performance on the bike, wearing a cycling shirt will help you achieve this goal. You already know that the wind is a very important external factor for the cyclist's performance and a suitable cycling jersey or jersey is one of the most effective ways to reduce the resistance of your body to the wind, so you are going to be faster. Therefore, there are some important aspects you should consider to choose the ideal cycling jersey, so let’s take a look at them.  

What kind of cycling will you practice? 

The first aspect to consider before buy a cycling jersey is the type of cycling you are going to practice. Thus, for the practice of cycling sports in both road and MTB (mountain biking) the jerseys are usually very similar and with very professional characteristics. They are snug, lightweight, very breathable, and extremely comfortable; and for the recreational use of the bicycle, the jerseys do not fit so tightly, the pockets usually even carry zippers and the materials are not usually so technical. On the other hand, if you practice Downhill Mountain biking (DH) The jersey is specially designed with a pattern that moves away from the tightest jerseys or culottes that are used in conventional cycling. 

Watch the fabric of the cycling jersey carefully 

The cycling jersey must be manufactured in materials that breathe and expel the sweat out so that it is quickly evaporated. A good quality jersey uses technical fabrics, which are breathable to expel sweat, and not abrasive, thus avoiding chafing of the seams and in the folds of the skin, and insolate from the cold if it is needed.  Therefore, the most common materials are polyester and lycra, which, being breathable, absorb moisture and sweat quickly. Many are also made with spandex, an elastic material that is resistant to sweat. Wool is also used. The synthetic material that you will find in these jerseys is made to protect you from cold wind; they will not overheat your body and absorb moisture from your skin with the greatest ability. Furthermore, you can find merino wool which is natural and thus more expensive, but has a better performance than synthetic material, because it offers natural UV protection and, due to the antibacterial lanolin that occurs naturally in this fiber, your jersey will not smell as bad as a synthetic maillot, after a day pedaling long hours in the sun. 

Think about the weather when you choose a cycling jersey  

The jersey is essential to combat weather conditions. If you practice cycling in a cold or rainy place the jersey has to isolate from the low temperatures and keep the body as dry as possible. But if you do cycling in hot climates, the jersey should regulate sweating and prevent you from suffering from excessive heat. Synthetic and natural (wool) fabrics are suitable to remove sweat from the skin, and both will help you maintain a constant temperature. You should also consider that the wool stays warm even when it is wet, but it is also surprisingly comfortable in warm climates.  Then, you can use a wool jersey several times between washings, because the bacteria that cause the bad smell grow much more slowly in the wool than in the synthetic fibers. So you can use it several days in a row. Synthetic fabrics have polymers and thus bacteria do not adhere easily, however, repeated washing gradually eliminates this coating, so that over time, the bad smell could occur.  

Do not neglect the adjustment and cutting of the cycling jersey 

The cycling jersey must be fully adapted and attached to the body of the cyclist because it will gain speed and endurance. Besides, skin irritation and problems derived from excessive sweating are also avoided. A very loose jersey will only slow you down and on long trips, you will lose some of your energy. At the same time, you must considerate the jersey style. In summer you can choose different measures in the sleeves, these can be of average or normal size, reaching the elbow or even straps or sleeveless. You can also choose a full zip jersey because on days of extreme heat you can lower it completely obtaining ventilation by leaving the whole chest exposed. On the other hand, in winter days, you must choose a thermal jersey that is of a considerable thickness prepared for extreme temperatures and strong wind. Furthermore, there are two kinds of cuts on the jerseys. The Cut Club which has a relaxed fit and it can feel cooler since the air circulates between the skin and the textile, and the Cut Race which provides an aerodynamic advantage and better absorption of perspiration. 

Make them see you with the perfect cycling jersey 

Cyclist's visibility is very important, especially when driving on the road in the company of other vehicles. Therefore, strong colors are often used in the production of these garments, such as orange or red or fluorescent shades such as yellow, green or pink. Moreover, you can also make visible through the sleeves, or through letters or motifs engraved in reflective material in the jersey itself  

Know the cycling jersey accessories  

The accessories of the jersey are pockets and zippers are stitched. First, pockets are useful to have certain things at hand such as energy bars, to be able to store the keys, the money, and cellphone.  Second, the front zipper jerseys are also very practical because they allow you to open the jersey during the race in hot weather. 

Cycling jerseys for women and men 

Woman body is different from man body, so the women's jerseys are a little shorter, since the upper trunk is usually smaller, and more fitted at chest height.Also, you can find them unisex, especially those made in more elastic and tight materials, since the jersey is the one that fits the body. 

Think about quality and style when you choose a cycling jersey  

In other mater, you need to choose quality pieces. Quality cycling clothing guarantees a series of special features with which poor-quality garments cannot compete by far. A quality garment does not lose its color or its characteristic elasticity after a few washes. By losing the elasticity, the comfort of the garment disappears so you will not surrender in your performance.  Parallel to that, if it is of poor quality, it can present rigid seams that rubbing with your skin can cause chafing, wounds and constant discomfort. Finally, you must have a cycling jersey that matches with your personality, so the style is very important so that you feel good in it. There are tons of designs made for you can show your personality and look great. By choosing Lubi Cycling, you are going to experiment all the special features and high quality.

Moreover, you will have a terrific style and your performance will be better.  To sum up, choosing a cycling jersey is a very important thing to do because this simple outfit will affect your performance, so you need to consider several aspects before you make your purchase. Not in vain the winners of the Tour de France receive as a reward the yellow jersey         

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